Style Me Now - Episode 2 | Dentia from Indonesia | Fashion, Beauty, Fitness

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This episode of Style Me Now takes place in BALI! Nicole Andersson takes stay-at-home mum Dentia, our Indonesian participant, through the lifeover that we've been talking about. Dentia is introduced to experts in Indonesia who will bring her through the LIFEOVER. Alika Islamadina comes in as the Fashion expert, Paola Serena as the Beauty expert, and Jennifer Bachdim as the Fitness expert.

About Style Me Now
Enough with just putting your best face forward - it’s time to put your best life forward! Style Me Now is a journey that’s so much more than just a makeover… But a mindful experience that transforms you inside and out through fashion, beauty and wellness. Forget cookie-cutter ideals of image and success. This is about celebrating your uniqueness, and empowering you to pursue your passions and the life you’ve always wanted - with a little help from our dream team of experts and tastemakers.

Join our dream team on a makeover journey like no other, transforming each unique participant through fashion, beauty and wellness.

The glam squad comes together to share their beauty tips, fashion trends, style advice, fitness routines and lifestyle improvements with the participants in each episode.

The glam squads for each episode are as follows:
• Malaysia: Nia Atasha, Nor Soraya and Johanis Sani
• Indonesia: Alika Islamadina, Jennifer Bachdim and Paola Serena Novelli
• Philippines: Laureen Uy, Mond Gutierrez and Jess Wilson
• Singapore: Camira Asrori, Liv Lo and Sahur Saleim

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Style Me Now - Episode 2 | Dentia from Indonesia | Fashion, Beauty, Fitness

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